Australian Winter – “Breathe a sigh of relief!”

Australian Winter brings a breath of fresh air to your home. Reminiscent of those crisp and dewy winter mornings, it is a cleansing scent of cold peppermint and sweet eucalyptus rounding out a full-bodied fragrance.

Recommend for the Living Room, Laundry, and Bathroom

Beach Days – “A little bit of summer time”

Sand and salt in your hair and you don’t care! Beach Days is reminiscent of going for a surf where the water is salty and the sun is sizzling. Our most masculine scent with clean aquatic notes.

Recommend for the Bedroom, Bathroom, and Living Room

Castaway – “Sailing away in a fresh summer breeze”

This mix of masculine and salty freshness is great for everyday burning. With notes of salt and wood mixed with subtle hints of sage and musk if you close your eyes when taking a breath you’ll feel like you’re at the beach with the salty surf.

Recommended for Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen.

Entice – “Time to feel sexy!”

This fragrance is the only choice when it’s comes to dropping a ‘hint’ she spills out with a perfect blend of floral and musky notes ensuring the mood is set. Entice is our sexiest fragrance yet and is a favourite among many.

Recommended for Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room and with a bottle of wine.

Island Life – “Take me back to that holiday…”

Island Life is your tropical vacay in a scent. Imagine walking along white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees and staring out to the ocean for miles and miles. Subtle notes of vanilla bring this coconut and lime scent to life.

Recommend for the Living Room, Bathroom, and Bedroom

Melon Spritzer – “Quite the fan favourite”

Wanting something a little fresh and not too overbearing? Melon Spritzer is beautiful and subtle and is the ideal everyday fragrance. The combination of fresh cucumber and sweet rockmelon provides a perfect union of scents.

Recommend for the Living Room, Bedroom, and Laundry

Nightshade – “The Dark Horse of the family”

Nightshade will pleasantly surprise you with its zesty citrus tarocco orange infused with spicy goji berries. A perfect evening scent, Nightshade is your companion for your late-night dinner parties.

Recommend for the Living Room and Kitchen

Sweet Pear – “I must declare I love Sweet Pear!”

Want to feel warm and fuzzy inside? Well, with notes of French pear, cinnamon and vanilla, Sweet Pear is sure to spicen up your life. Delicious!

Recommend for the Living Room, Bedroom, and Kitchen

Toffee – “Smells so good you could eat it…”

Our Toffee scent smells so good you want to eat it! But don’t be tempted! Enjoy a rich burnt caramel scent rounded out by beautiful sweet vanilla notes. A sugary treat!

Recommend for the Kitchen

Vanilla Indulgence – “A good old fashioned classic!”

Vanilla Indulgence brings to life the traditional vanilla bean and gives off a deliciously rich and creamy throw. A fragrance classic that is sure to compliment any occasion.

Recommend for the Bedroom, Bathroom, and Laundry

Watermelon Crush – “The perfect summer treat!”

Our Watermelon Crush scent will take you back to those summer afternoons relaxing by the pool with a delicious cocktail in hand. With fruity and invigorating notes, it’s sure to brighten up your day! Cheers!

Recommend for the Living Room and Bedroom

Zen Garden – “Time to check out!”

Find inner peace with Zen Garden. With notes of lemongrass and ginger, this scent is going to let you unwind! Perfect for those Sunday afternoons, curled up on the couch with a great book.

Recommend for the Living Room